Thursday, March 17, 2011

afternoon DELIGHT

Now alot of you fuckerse out there dont know shit about havin sex in the middle of the day, and right now its early afternoon and i think you know what that means. thats right. were gonna get some fucking AFTERNOON DELIGHT. but what is afternoon delight you ask? well, afternoon delight isnt some stupid coconut desert like some of you dipshits out there might be thinkin, no, not at all. afternoon delight is when you skip out of work on the farm and go out to have some sweet sweet love making time with your baby out in the fields. thats right, im talking bout some dirty sex in the mid. now, some of you might think when i say dirty sex in the mud it means anal sex, well, no, thats not exactly correct. when i say sex in the mud i mean actual mud, not shit. so lets hand it over to mister will FERRELL and hell teach you all about some sweet afternoon delight. and make sure to check out that goffy motha fucka up there, because he knows even less about whats goin on than goffy himself, and goffy dont know whats goin on shitttttttttttt. so as i was sayin, heres will ferrel to teach you some hot shit.

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