Thursday, March 17, 2011

basketBALLS FOR boys and girls

this mother fucker dosnt know whats goin on when he tries to dunk his dick up in the air and then gets his ass slapped by that backboard, oh man oh man oh man, he just dosnt know whats goin down when he gets fucked. and his friend just goes shit guy your fucked and walks away. that reminds me of a story i once heard. a man goes into a bar with his dick hanging out of his pants and a watermelon in his hands and the bartender goes 'why do you have a watermelon'. so the mans just looks at the bartender and tells goes 'what watermelon?' so the bartender points at the one in his hands and says that one, so the man says back 'thats my wife mister, dont talk about her like that' and slaps the bartender with his dick. HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA, funny, right guys? well as i was saying before, heres that guy getting fucked by a basketball

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