Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It looks like we got some mother fuckers readin this god damn BLOG and i know you want what we promised so im gonna deliver on my shit cause this man dont lie to no one. EVER. i need you bitches to know that, and when i tell you your getting this shit, you GET THIS SHIT, YA. and this fucker over to the right isnt going to be telling you to eat shit anymore after you start checkin this fuckin blog out daily, he only tells those freeloadin fucks that come here and never come back to eat that tasty shit, so dont worry, hes your friend for today. okay, so now these bitches are gonna be laughin like those two fuckers up above, mister Jake Gylenhall and some hoe hes probably fucking, unless thats his sister, then they probably helping eachother get laid, because siblings do that shit. and when you see these fuckers laughing, you know you gotta laugh too because its just the right thing to do, so check out this fucker to the LEFT and help him get some YOGURT because you know you want to get a delicious treat with a guy that looks as dime as that, hes even trying to bring back those short shorts, and we all know those shits are gonna be back as soon as we can get them into the stores again, and oh man are we TRYING. so i think what im tryna tell you is to go out and buy a pair of short shorts next time you head out of your stinky ass house, and then flaunt those bitches like a mother fucker, because everyone loves a little man ass every once in a while, and your man ass is the best man ass.

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