Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some guys doing stuff what? yeah. What? YEAH.

Like the title says, these are some guys. Doing stuff. Yeah, what you gonna do about it, they'd probably fuck you up so hard if you tried to take them on. Just look at this badass mother fucker right there. He looks like he's gonna do some serious shit to that bitch, and she's just going to accept it. And you know why? Because he's the biggest, baddest mother fucker in TOWN. Just accept it, you'll never be as cool as him, or the guy down there. That guys got fucking GUNS, two plastic guitars AND some video games I think, you can't stop that kind of power. He knows what you're going to try to do that, and that's overpower him, but he's prepared and ready to take you down. Just try it, tackle him or charge him, he'll flip you over and have his way with you, and you don't want that. So just stand back, and leave him to himself before he takes you out. He's got the power. Of love.

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