Wednesday, March 16, 2011

you kids and your slangy asses

"BUZZ OFF DUDE". today i was told to do this by a friend of mine, and he didnt even apologize afterwards. the guys an asshole, and ill always believe that. but what does this mean this slang of his, do all you kids out there use this bullshit in everyday life? i wouldnt tell my friends to buzz off and i wouldnt call them dude mockingly. now many of you might be wondering, wow, who was that asshole that said that to you? well, many of you already know him. hes the other guy that posts on this blog, now, you might think. well hes a nice guy, why do you think hes an asshole for that? well hes just that big a dick. trust me. I KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT. and if you look up to the right you'll see just what i was thinking when i was told this, i was thinking, whoa, you cant explain this. and i was right, you cant explain why someone would be so rude as to tell you to buzz off, but if this guy up there asked me to explain where his garbage goes id guess the garbage genie is stealing it for his castle in the sky. thats one thing this poster can explain, and i encourage you to tell us about any slang you may have been insulted by in the comments DOWN UNDER.

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