Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Ludaverse Pt. 2

So last night we all learned about the Ludaverse, but tonight we're going to talk to you about the dark side of the Ludaverse. The part where all the monsters hide, the kind that go bump in the night and make a man weep under the covers of his bed. The kind that you need one more drink to have sex with. Yes, those kinds of monsters. The Ludaverse may be a great place to go when you want to hang out with Luda himself, but if you arn't careful you may end up an amputee like our dear friend himself. But I don't need to tell you that, you already know, because you're about to watch this video.

So be a pal and tell me where I can buy the massive cups this man uses in his video. Because I don't even remember where Luda told me he bought them, I couldn't remember anything after the night I spent with him except for that ugly girl he told me about. He even saved a picture to show me, it's all the way up at the top of this post. So just be careful next time you're hanging out in the Ludaverse, okay? Check it out.

On an slightly unrelated note, I never realized how ugly T-Pain is, or even knew what he looked like before I saw this.


  1. Lol. Yeah, T-Pain looks stupid as hell.

  2. Yeah, I'd be scared those teeth would chew me up.

  3. That chick at the top certainly has teeth.

  4. haha thats hilarious shit. he chews his arm off to get away

  5. I want to put those teeth in my mouth ;)


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