Thursday, June 30, 2011

God is Real, and he loves Sandwiches

That's right folks, you heard it here first. God is real. And he is a man that just loves to eat a nice and tasty BLT or even a steak sandwich, whatever he feels the need for is good I guess. But some people out there don't seem to understand who we're talking about when we say god, well if you're like me then you pray to the one and only Tom Selleck.

But you tell me Tom Selleck is only an actor. And to that I have to respond, is Magnum P.I. only a show? Is Thomas Magnum only a character? I thought not. He doesn't simply play a character, he creates a whole new dimension
where he brings a film crew to watch him as he lives his life in that universe then returned here to show us his life. If that's your definition of a tv show then maybe it was just a show, but that's not how I think tv shows are made.

When you're such a great actor that you have other great actors playing you in documentaries that could simply star you instead, then you must be on the top of the world. And we all know god belongs on the top of the world, that's an irrefutable fact, so in turn that means that Tom Selleck is god, you can't argue with that logic. So tune in tonight at ten and watch Selleck Waterfall Sandwich on CBS, the ratings are already skyrocketing as we speak, and the show isn't even on.

So sit back and watch this amazing opening while you enjoy a nice sandwich, Tom Selleck would want you to, so don't disappoint him.

All images taken from Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. Check them out, it's good shit.

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  1. Fuck yes sandwiches, I could do with a juicy steak sammich right now.