Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Return of the blog

                                               Pictured above amazing Photoshop skills

After months of absence has finally  returned. I know these last few months must have sucked for you without your daily dose of cool shit and you probably are not too happy with us. I know spider man is not happy at all. See? Hes mad as hell. But from now on your going to get cool shit every day, but of course that is  not enough for you cool shit hungry people so we will be posting up new pages with EXTRA cool shit. When you see it your going to be like "OH MANG MAH TEEF FELL DOWN THE DRAIN" (take the long crazy trip to the first page if you don't get it) And no you wont have to worry about us pulling a Houdini again, I'll make sure to get off my lazy ass and post shit every day. We are here forever, like Duke Nukem Forever but we are not a shitty game. BUT we do have balls of steel which really is the only thing that matters.

And of course what would this post be without a video, so yeah here you go. This video even won a fucking academy award, it says it in the annotation so it has to be true. ENJOY.

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