Sunday, July 3, 2011

From the depths of the Den

Do you occasionally meet people of other races than your own? Do you have a hard time describing them to your friends later on? Well, from the same man who showed us how to take down the scariest monsters around, we're now going to learn how to defeat racism once and for all. But I bet you're thinking that racism can't be defeat. Well, you're wrong buddy. The easiest way to defeat racism is to ask anyone whom you plan to describe later on what their sexual orientation is, what sports team they're a fan of and the pitch of their voice. Follow these rules and you'll never have anyone calling you racist again. So check out the visual description below.

But personally, I don't think that these will easily help us overcome all our racism issues. The easiest way to get over this problem will be to have Bear Grylls show us all how to eat bugs. That sounds like the quickest way to me, then you could simply describe everyone by what their favorite bug to eat is. Simple as that, racism is no more. And if you check out my self-portrait over to the side, you'd know that I'm always right. So listen to me and watch Bear Grylls teach you how to live your life.