Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lil Dick

That's right, we're talkin' 'bout Lil Dick, the coolest rapper around today. Cooler than Kanye, hotter than Eminem and bigger than Biggie. This guy throws out the hot beats and leaves you wanting more, but the most interesting thing about his songs is the album cover, this guy throws his face right on that shit and freaks you out.

So crank your speakers as high as they go and pump that bass while you listen to this crazy mother fucker. But make sure you don't break them, because then you'll miss out on his other music. Though if you hate rap like the guy that posted the comments on his video, you're probably an asshole. So before you check that out, we're gonna tell you what imajerkpp had to say about this song, he praised it for it's lyrical mastery and wonderful use of rhythm with his comment "i hope u die faggot" and again when he said "suck my dick. u suck". Now before we waste any more of your precious time check that shit out below.

And since we know that couldn't possibly be enough for you, we've decided to throw in a SECOND VIDEO at no extra cost, so check that out too.