Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Photoshop Tips

Recently I've started working with Photoshop (I actually just used Paint) and I can't really figure out how people do those amazing edits they use in magazines, movies and the such. So if anyone can help me with this work I'd appreciate the help. So, someone put me to the task of taking an image and removing elements from it, you'll see what I mean as we go on.

So I received the image below

And after receiving this image I was told to remove the shopping carts and leave everything else. That includes removing the shadows that the carts created. But you see, this caused some certain problems and as you can see, the shopping cart sides overlay the sides of the people in them, so I had trouble fixing that. But so you can see what I mean you can see the final result of my work below.

Personally I think I did a decent job but I'm not an expert in this field so I can't say for sure. So if anyone has any criticism or tips, please leave them in the comments, I'm just learning so I hope I can get some decent help.

And as I said, my job was only to remove the carts and leave all else, I wasn't the one that made it so they were all the same person or any of that, I simply received the product and was told to remove the carts. So make your criticism on that only please.

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  1. I only have crude knowledge of Paintshop Pro so yeah, you've done a better job than I ever could.