Monday, July 11, 2011

Pilates of the Caribbean

What is this? Is that Michael Bolton? Is he dressed like a pirate, Forest Gump, a woman and then Scarface? Well, yes, that's exactly what this is. So I think the best question to ask is why aren't you watching this video already. But the answer to that isn't simple, first you have to think about what this video actually is. You get to see a cross-dressing Michael Bolton and I want you to process that before you actually watch it.

Okay, I feel you've had enough time to prepare, so go ahead and hit play but remember, but if you didn't take that time to prepare yourself I take no responsibility for anything that might happen to you.


  1. glad he has a sense of humor...if not his crap music was totally make him a super douche

  2. I need to buy me some badass shades...