Monday, May 7, 2012

The Master Race has Returned

Well guys, it looks like it's time to start posting here again. I've got nothing better to do with my time and I'm no longer feeling lazy so I guess I'll throw together some garbage for you to all eat up.

Or will I? I just realized our whole audience is nothing but members of the true Master Race* so why not give you what you need. It may almost be summer but it's still springtime for me, and that means it's springtime for Hitler too. So lets get to the point and give you what you want. No, what you deserve. For you are, THE MASTER RACE*.

Also, the bitch in the right of this picture is obviously not a part of the Master Race because she looks like a fucking MAN. I mean seriously, this bitch has some real meat hooks for hands. She's probably got a bigger dick than any man I know. Does she look like a man to you guys too? Because I honestly can't figure her/him out.

Guess I should throw this in since I just realized this is article is #101. And do you know how many dalmatians there were? ONE HUNDRED AND ONE, that's right. A fucking spooky coincidence right there, don't you think?

And if anyone can tell me how to make the spacing between lines smaller like for the spacing in the disclaimer below, please tell me.

*Disclaimer: Master Race refers solely to members of the human race born on the planet Earth with proper genitalia that may be used for reproduction by either creating eggs or sperm and you, the reader, may or may not actually be part of the this Master Race. If you are not a part of the Master Race as described then you may not read this article or watch the included video clip. Please refrain from commenting on this article if you are not part of the Master Race and allow your overlords (members of the Master Race) to do as they please with your women and/or men. Also, if you have any peanut butter please mail it to me as my dog is getting very hungry.

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