Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why buy a Ford Focus over a Honda Civic

I know what you readers out there are thinking, you're looking at all these new cars and trying to decide what the best choice for your next purchase is. I get that. I also get that a lot of people are trying to decide between the Ford Focus and the Honda Civic and that's a hard decision to make.

Now, though I do understand your concerns and get the question itself, what I don't understand is why you're asking me to answer it for you. I mean, did you even look at the content of this blog? We're not very informed on this kind of subject.

So really, I think you'd be more interested in hearing what we have to say about computers and the like. So here's Marty Chang to help you all out.

And after watching that I understand that a lot of you still have unanswered questions like why new monitors don't have internet vents, why you need to use chunky peanut butter over regular or how to get your printer working while drunk.

Newer monitors have forgone the internet vents in exchange for more optimized wallpapers and more colors. They also had to remove them in order to fit more squares for those extra colors to fit in. And if you're seriously asking me how to get your printing working while drunk you're a fucking moron. The printer didn't drink the beer, are you stupid? The beer just pours through to clear out all that ink that clogs down the motors.

And for those of you wondering why you can't use regular peanut butter here's why

Now have fun out that everyone, and remember to stop asking questions about cars, they don't belong here.

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  1. this post reads like a piece of spam email so I LIKE IT